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Red Easter eggs the easy way

· A recipe for family fun fast ·

Red Easter eggs the easy way

Real Simple There are plenty of recipes on the internet on how to dye your eggs red. You can use a commercial dye set that can be bought everywhere in Greece during the weeks before Easter (supermarkets, toy stores etc) or find it online. You can also use vegetables such as beets or red onions…

Kyra Sarakosti

· The Season of Lent ·

Kyra Sarakosti

I first met her when my daughter brought her home from Kindergarten a couple of years ago. In her Greek class she had made a Kyra Sarakosti, translated Lady Lent. Traditionally Kyra Sarakosti is crafted on Clean Monday. (For carnival traditions and Clean Monday click here) Lady Lent has seven feet. They represent the seven weeks of Lent….

Celebrating Martis

· A fun tradition with ancient roots ·

Six years ago my daughter came home from nursery school and showed me a red and white string bracelet. She tried to explain to me that we could not take it off her wrist and we have to keep it on our arm until the end of March to “hang it in our roses for…

Carnival in Greece

· Traditions and celebrations ·

Preparing for Lent Greek Carnival or ‘Apokries’ is a true family celebration with streetparties, parades and masquerades. Carnival ( from Latin: ‘carne’ and ‘vale’ =  ‘goodbye to meat’) marks the days before the fasting begins. This is stressed on ‘Tsiknopemptee’ or Meat Thursday in the third week of carnival. ‘Tsikno’ means the smell of grilled meat…