My top favorite family things to do in Athens

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December 6, 2016 0 Comments

People often ask me what are my top favorite places in Athens for kids? I find it difficult to choose, I can easily come up with a list of 25 or so.  So for this post I looked at the places that we visit the most in the past 7 years in both winter and summer. And this is what I came up with. These are all places that offer a full and fun day out for both the adults and the children. They are suitable for winter and summer, for all ages and they are stroller friendly. Because fun is for grown ups too! 

1 The historic Plaka 

Walk around the historic Plaka area is a favorite excursion when are a family is visiting from abroad. But not only for tourists: winter and summer, any time of the day, me and my kids love coming here. These neighborhoods are car free and your kids can run safely around. My favorite place in Plaka is the Lisikrati Square. The children love playing inside the ancient monument there and we sit and have lunch in one of the restaurants around this little square. I also love Vyzantino taverna at Kydatheneon square. It is one of the best in the tourist area of Plaka with traditional Greek dishes and the locals eat here too. For drinks, we go to the historic Brettos Bar in Plaka.

2 The Athens Zoo or Attiko Parko

We have been visiting the Attiko Parko ever since our kids were babies. The sounds, scents, and colors in an animal park will appeal to even the youngest children. The Attiko Parko is very stroller friendly. The stroller can come up close to the animals. I used to love ‘parking the stroller’ in front of the bird cages and let my toddler watch the colorful birds for hours. We still try to go to the Athens Zoo at least once per month, my two children never get bored going there. In summer it can get hot in the park but there are plenty of animals to see in the shade. Our most recent visit was in December 2016 to see the latest addition of the park: the Asian elephants!

Children under 3 years old do not pay and on the so-called ‘Stroller Friday’, every mom or dad who will come with a baby stroller will pay a discounted price. The zoo regularly makes special deals and there are various discounted packages for (large) families and special prices for seniors and disabled persons.  Perfect in winter inside the reptile house cool in summer at the dolphin educational center.


Storller friendly and very easy to see the animals


3 The New Acropolis Museum

Maybe not a monthly visit but at least couple of times per year. In summer because it is nice and cool and in winter because we don’t get wet or cold. The New Acropolis is a new and spacious very family friendly museum. One of my greatest passions is History and Archeology and my daughters seem to follow me. The museum makes it very easy for children to get excited! The New Acropolis museum offers family backpacks with an educational program for families, it organizes family tours, there is a children’s lab, there are children guides and a number special family events throughout the year. In summer we love visiting the so-called ‘museum night’. Check out the family programs of te New Acropolis Museum here. With young, kids you can check out the Lego Acropolis model on the top floor. Older children will appreciate the movie about the history of the Acropolis and the book corner. The first-floor museum shop is next to the book corner and sells games, books, toys and other educational materials for kids in several languages.

The museum offers strollers free of charge at the cloak room. There is also a parents room on the first floor that can be used for changing and (breast)feeding your baby. At the second floor restaurant, there is a children’s menu’s available. Check out the gorgeous view on the balcony (safe for children because surrounded by a wall)

Finally, children from the EU under 18 years of age with a current identification card are entitled to free admission. 

Reading a book in the kids cozy book corner in the New Acropolis museum

4 Malakasa adventure Park 

Do you love to be active with your kids outdoors as much as I do? Than you cannot miss a visit to the Adventure Park. The park is located near the national road Athens – Lamia at about 40 kilometer from Athens center. It is easiest to reach by car but there is a public bus stop at the park as well.  It is a nice excursion for anyone staying either in Athens, South Evia island or the coast line of  East Attica. The park is set in 50 acres of forest with enormous pine trees and impressive mountains. It is a climbing park where you can enjoy the trees, challenging ropes, swings, platforms and more. Kids are assigned in groups according their age and there is a little test and training for them before they start. The staff is super child-friendly and fun to be around with.  I find the park safe, clean and great fun for a family day out. The budget the day out you can bring your own picnic basket. Adults (‘the Eagles’) and children can start flying through the trees as early as 3 years  (‘the Squirrels’) old. (the little ones need supervision from the parents) But even younger ones will enjoy the park. There is garden for gardening, there are balls and free play areas.  The park is stroller friendly and even with the baby I used to visit the park, she was enjoying the nature around her.  The park is cool in the summer because of the trees and in the mild Greek winter the climbing will get you warmed up.   

Kids learn coordination, strategy and bravery in the fresh air of the mountains


5 Flisvos Park 

One more place that offers a full day out all year around and for the whole family. If you bring your own snacks and you use the public transport to reach Flisvos park, than this is a budget outing as well. The public part of Flisvos Park is one of the best and largest playgrounds in Attica. It is located in the South of Athens, next to the sea and Flisvos Marina (a posh marina), along Poseidonos Avenue. The park is divided in three sections with toys suitable according age. There are plenty of cafes, picnic tables, a bike route, a dog park and an open-air cinema. You can rent family bikes too. In Flisvos Park your family will be all day out playing whilst enjoying the sea and fresh sea. In the marina of Flisvos you can find a soft play area (with an entrance fee) that is suitable for the 1-4 years old. Flisvos Park offers a sea breeze in the summer and it never gets very cold in winter because it is right next to the sea.


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