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5 Best Winter destinations for families in Greece

Winter destinations for families in Greece Think of uncluttered ancient sites in cooler weather and pretty towns and traditional villages to discover with your kids. The Greek cities are at their best in winter. The soft sunny weather of Athens and Thessaloniki make them an ideal winter escape. Explore the monuments and sights without the…

Monemvasia Greece Holiday with Kids

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Monemvasia with Kids Monemvasia (Moni means ‘single’ and Emvasis means ‘entrance’) is located on a small island at the Southeast coast of the Peloponnese. The island, or better, the Rock (think Gibraltar!) is connected with the mainland by a bridge called Gefyra in Greek. Monemvasia is a medieval castle town, it is also called The Castro…

Gialova Messinia Greece holiday with Kids

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Gialova with kids Gialova was first settled at the beginning of 1900. Raisin and wine exports led to this area’s commercial development. Witness the former agricultural industry in the two abandoned wine factories in Gialova and stone warehouses formerly used to store raisins, carob and lemons. Gialova’s population nowadays is about 300 people. Gialova has two…