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Red Easter eggs the easy way

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April 12, 2017 0 Comments

By Greek Orthodox tradition, Holy Thursday is the day that the Greeks dye their Easter eggs. The red eggs are a symbol of Greek Easter, representing the blood of Christ (the red color) and rebirth (the egg). The process of dying the eggs is part of many families' Easter holiday tradition. They are also baked into ' Tsoureki', the traditional Easter bread. And they are part of the 'Tsourgrisma', an egg cracking game.

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Real Simple

There are plenty of recipes on the internet on how to dye your eggs red. You can use a commercial dye set that can be bought everywhere in Greece during the weeks before Easter (supermarkets, toy stores etc) or find it online. You can also use vegetables such as beets or red onions for coloring in an organic way. Whatever method you will use, it is guaranteed family fun.

I did not have much time this year and decided to go for the easiest way to dye the eggs. I bought a small pouch of red dye (not organic) from the nearest supermarket.


As easy as 1,2,3

We just followed the instructions on the product. My little one loved helping me pour the vinegar and the coloring.

  1. Boil the eggs in a large stainless steel pan
  2. Add vinegar
  3. Add the red dye
  4. Watch the time and let the eggs cool off

Happy Easter, Kalo Pascha!


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